Doctores Valencia

The main objective of the Doctores Valencia organization is “Hands-On” training in the field of oral surgery and dental implants and prostheses.

Moreover, it is important to us to carry out social actions with the most disadvantaged population.


Dr Alfredo Valencia, Senior Surgeon of the Foundation, received “Hands-On” training in three residencies:

In 1978, in the Hospital de Sevilla Virgen de la Macarena for plastic and restorative surgery.

Then, in 1981, in the specialization program in Stomatology in the Universidad de Oviedo.

In 1983, he obtained the title of Oral and Maxillofacial Specialist Surgeon in the Hospital Virgen de Covadonga de Oviedo.

Subsequently, he has been an instructor surgeon to residents for oral and maxillofacial surgery for the last 34 years, as well as a professor at the universities of Oviedo and Granada.

He has given international courses on oral implantology since 1985.

With all this accumulated experience, in 2003, he created the first “Hands-On” implantology course which was taught at the Hospital Arnaldo Millán Castro de Santa Clara (Cuba). The courses have been given continuously in Santo Domingo, Cambodia and Laos.