The learning process must be a balance between “the head, the heart and the hand”
(Enrique Pestalozzi).

The first course was born 15 years ago from the idea of giving odontologists the opportunity to quickly acquire in-depth experience in implantology directly with the patient.

We offer practical training in high-quality implantology.

Our mission is to provide continuous training to odontologists who want to begin to work in implantology or strengthen and perfect their knowledge in the field of dental implantology.

Moreover, we are carrying out a valuable social action since, with our method, we treat patients without financial resources. At the Doctores Valencia Foundation, we provide them with high-technology rehabilitation treatments that they would not be able to afford.


Our methodology has three main pillars:

“Learning by doing”

The “Learning by doing” methodology is characterized by natural, practice-based learning. It is the technique through which medical specialists and odontologists acquire their skills, as a resident would in his/her daily activity in hospitals, where operations are carried out under the supervision of another experienced specialist.


Our “Hands-On” courses are based on the methodology of practical teaching. The students are not the objects of the teacher’s instructions, but active trainees.

The traditional method of acquiring skills - assisting expert surgeons or observing them carry out surgery after having studied the theory of the procedures - is very ineffective and slow for the acquisition of the skills necessary in modern specialization and the high-quality results it demands.

Our “Hands-On” method enables very quick and effective training in the complex techniques of surgical intervention, since it “frees” the student’s brain from the uncertainties produced by the classic methods of observing, studying and assisting.

We have applied this method with over 4,000 students working with thousands of patients for over 35 years, with a “Hands-On” experience in implantology equivalent to over 100,000 implants.

Intensive courses

Our training courses in implantology have a short duration, almost always lasting one week, but, during this week a very high number of cases are treated.

These are the reasons why we believe this method is the best for you:

  • Continuing to train in your specialty or beginning a new specialty requires a great deal of effort in many aspects. One of these could be finding the time to do it or putting aside other professional and personal duties to train yourself. Since the course is an intensive one, the impact it has on other aspects of your life is minimized.
  • Complete immersion in the world of implantology during this week will increase your concentration, therefore improving your performance results and enabling you to learn quicker. You will be able to make the most of your time.
  • Our courses are not only intensive in terms of their duration, but also in terms of the number of patients treated. You will be able to place a minimum of 30 implants on the beginners courses and carry out a large number of more complex cases in the more advanced levels. Furthermore, you will be able to attend other surgeries.